Marklyn T. Johnson Born and raised in central New Jersey, he lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota from 2005-2014 before returning to New Jersey. A graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Marklyn has worked in the production industry for over twenty years.

Growing up, Marklyn idolized many different men. His first idol was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that’s usually the first big name outside of Jesus that many learn in their home. As he got older, Marklyn idolized Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Michael Jordan and Tupac Shakur.

Marklyn’s greatest idol was his father, Willie. When he looks back on his life, Marklyn regrets ignoring the life lessons his father taught him. However, when he thinks about the man he’s become today, the way he tells it like it is, the way he tries to lift others up, and his willingness to help others, he is reminded that these are all his father’s teachings. Often times as kids, we take our fathers for granted and don’t take the time to really understand those lessons.

Willie, Marklyn’s father, was very strict and extremely hard on him. He was strict because of the pitfalls of life that many men of color (African Americans) can fall into. Time and again, Marklyn’s has seen kids who are down on themselves. He’s seen friends who are discouraged. Even through despair, he wants to motivate them. While following his own dreams, Marklyn’s encountered many people with the same dream. Yet they don’t understand the drive and passion it takes.

People often give up on themselves instead of pushing through the obstacles placed in front of them. Marklyn thinks everyone needs to hear that message of not giving up. Marklyn’s story is the one of someone who wants to take what he has been given and give it to others. His story is of a lost soul who found his talents, gifts, and knows it’s up to him to share it with the world. Marklyn’s motto is: My story can be your story if you apply persistence and consistency.