Quotes & Testimonies

“… the most passionate and determined person I have ever met. Goal driven, he always delivers 110%, no mountain is too high or too steep. There is nothing that he cannot achieve once he puts his mind to it.” – Sasha D.

“… he’s never been one to hold back on his words. Whatever he feels, he has no problem and is in no way scared of saying what is on his mind and to me- that’s real and that’s who Marklyn is” – Melissa W. 

“I believe his ability to think outside the box, daring to be different, along with his heart for people and commitment, rather the determination to get the storyline across to listeners in any means necessary approach! He’s outspoken, direct, however, his work speaks for itself.” – Jay H.

“The reason I think Marklyn is passionate about motivational speaking, is, he has a flair for the “realism” of conversation.   He loves giving people a “natural” voice on all issues, controversial or not. He’s funny, energetic, and thought-provoking..  – James B. 

“Marklyn is a brilliant orator whose personality can fill a room with excitement and intrigue. He speaks with a practical intelligence that spectators of various ages as well as disciplines can comprehend and turn key.  A true motivator, role model, and consummate professional.” – Jason Richardson Principal